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There are an abundance of golf training aids out there that promise longer drives, straighter putts, and lower scores if you use them. Many of these are very useful and can help you. Here are some training aids that you will not find on any infomercials but when used can substantially improve your game.

Your Driver - Turn your club upside down so that you are gripping the club head end instead of the grip. Swing the club and listen for the sound the grip end makes. It should be a swoosh sound. Make the sound as loud as possible. To do so you will have to move your arms and hands with speed. Practice this drill to better understand speed and how to hit longer tee shots. Next, listen for when the swoosh sound happens. Does it happen before the ball, at the ball, or after the ball. Most players will hear it before the ball which causes a poor impact position. Make your swoosh sound after the ball to help you learn the proper release of the club.

A Wall - Take your full swing address position with a wall just slightly behind your backside. Take practice swings so that your club does not make contact with the wall. The wall helps you keep your backswing on plane and gives you instant feedback if you do not. Now turn so the wall is behind the outside of your right foot (right handers) by two feet. You will contact the wall with your club if you take a normal backswing. Compromise your normal backswing to get the club in your top of swing position. Practice swinging the club down to the ball without the club making contact with the wall. This drill teaches you how the arms and hands swing down without releasing the club too early. Do this drill in slow motion and he correct motion.

An Old Tire - Use an old tire and old club to improve your impact position. Gently hit the tire as you would a ball. The tire causes you to brace for the impact and automatically puts you in the proper position for good golf shots.

Give some of these "on hand" training aids a try. They do not have the glitz and glamour of the ones on the informercials but you might find they offer help for your game.

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