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How To Practice When We all Have To Stay Inside.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

These times are tough. Heres what you can do to be prepared for the season.

Step 1. Strength Conditioning

When most people think of the game of golf, they don't usually think of strength training in the gym. However many tour pros, have turned to working out in the off season, to help be in better shape when it comes to practicing on the course. Try finding a simple workout plan online that consists of push and pull movements, that will help you have a faster swing speed, and overall be more athletic.

Step 2. Putting

One of the biggest struggles that I see mid and high- handicappers with, is wasting too many strokes on putting. The tour pros usually average around 26-30 putts per round and If a mid to high handicapper were to two-putt on every hole that would automatically put them at 36 puts. Thats not to mention the few holes where you accidentally misread the break... 3 times. If you have carpet, or a rug in your house you can practice different length puts to help you get your touch and feel down.

Step 3. Mental Game

Even though you may not be able to get out on the course in these early spring months, you can still practice your game "virtually" and "mentally". Try finding a score card from one of your local golf courses (you can usually find them on their websites), then go through hole by hole thinking of what clubs you would be hitting so that when the time comes, you are more confident than ever that you will be making the right club selections.

I hope that these tips help you to find something to do in your free time at home, and possibly be more successful on the golf course.

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